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Physics (Aeronautics: Forces and Motion)
Investigate how airplanes fly and learn about the four forces acting on an airplane.

Physics (Toys in Space)
Discover how toys act in zero-G and compare this to how they act on Earth.

Earth Science – Weather & Climate (Aeronautics: Weather)
Investigate how airplanes fly and how weather affects flight.

Earth Science – Astronomy (Voyage to Mars of Halley’s Comet)
Take a Mission to Mars to to Halley’s Comet.

Purchasing Options
Classroom Extension to NYCCSSE for NYC DOE schools (registration required) $150 (NCSE00001)
Classroom Extension to NYCCSSE for non-NYC DOE schools (registration required) $450 pay by check

Payment can be made through FAMIS before March 26th or by check.