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2nd and 3rd Grade Astronaut Adventures
Train like a junior astronaut in our Spacecraft and Mission Control.

The following Classroom Extensions are offered for Upper Elementary students and are aligned to the NYC SCOPE AND SEQUENCE.

4th GradeEcosystems (Voyage to Halley’s Comet)
Discover how living in space is different from living on Earth as you simulate a mission into space!

5th Grade Nature of Science (Toys in Space)
Experiment with toys on earth and observe how they work differently in space! Train like an astronaut with inversion goggles and submersion tanks!

5th Grade Earth Materials (Voyage to Halley’s Comet)
Discover how astronomers identifiy different space materials as you simulate a mission to Comet Halley!

NEW 5th Grade Nature of Science (Aeronautics: Variables)
Experiment with toy planes to discover how different parts of an airplane control the plane’s motion! Apply that knowledge to pilot a flight simulator!

Purchasing Options
Classroom Extension to NYCCSSE for NYC DOE schools (registration required) $150 (NCSE00001)
Classroom Extension to NYCCSSE for non-NYC DOE schools (registration required) $450 pay by check

Payment can be made through FAMIS before March 26th or by check.