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** Election Day Professional Development: 4th – 8th grade science teachers! **

YES!! WE ARE STILL ON FOR ELECTION DAY! And there are a few spots still available. If you are interseted in attending, call 212.608.6164 x112 or email [email protected] See you tomorrow!

Please join us on Election Day, November 6th, to explore NASA activities that can be integrated in to the NYC Sc0pe and Sequence.

·     Learn about flight in our NASA Aerospace Education Lab.

·     Explore how to incorporate the core standards into your science curricula.

·     Take a simulated mission into space in our Challenger Learning Center.

·     Get a free CD of Curriculum or video resources.

·     Learn how to incorporate class visits to the Space Center with your curriculum and make our unique facility a true extension of your classroom.

The cost is $100 per teacher. Principals can make payment through DOE Internal Services #NCSE0002 on FAMIS (vendor #NCSE00001). Please call (212) 608-6164 ext. 112 for more information.

Airplanes and the Atmosphere Short Course

*** This course is not currently scheduled. Email [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the course or the curriculum. ***

The New York City Center for Space Science Education (NYCCSSE) and the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) are partners in the effort to bring real-world science to life for students in ways that supplement and strengthen their classroom experience. The NYCCSSE offers in-depth, hands-on laboratory experiences in aeronautics and space science. AMNH offers scientific research, real-world exhibits, objects, professional development, and online resources that tap into the authentic questions that students are faced with in their curriculum. Together, this module will develop a connection and continuum between the NYCCSSE and the AMNH that will support Earth science teachers and students in New York City.

This module is structured around essential, authentic questions such as “How do airplanes affect the atmosphere?” A question like this one provides students with a motivation for understanding climate change and weather, two topics that are addressed at both the NYCCSSE’s aeronautics laboratory and the AMNH’s Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth. We hope you and your students enjoy exploring the air that surrounds you and the airplanes in the sky above you.

For more information on taking a P credit course on the implementation of this curriculum, email [email protected] or call 212.608.6164 x153.

School Based Consulting
Contact the center for details


Fees for Professional Development (NYC DOE public school teachers)
Individual Professional Development Workshops (registration required) $100 NCSE00002
Facility Rental $100 NCSE00002 Incl. use of A/V equipment, but not staff.
Fees for Professional Development (non-NYC DOE school teachers)
Professional Development Workshops (registration required) $300 Pay by check
Facility Rental $300 Pay by check Incl. use of A/V equipment, but not staff.

Payment can be made with FAMIS before March 31st or by check.
Please make checks payable to the “NYC Center for Space Science Education.”