NYCCSSE: Our Mission

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Rendezvous with a Comet   elementary | middle | high

Take a mission to gather data from Comet Halley! Student teams work as astronauts onboard our spacecraft and Flight Controllers in our Mission Control to maintain safe living conditions on the spacecraft, conduct scientific experiments and study Comet Halley.

Learn about Earth materials versus space materials; celestial bodies; the electromagnetic spectrum; or atomic structure

Voyage to Mars middle | high

Take a mission to Mars! After nine months in space, student astronauts are on final approach to Mars, where they will take the place of student Flight Controllers who are at Mars’ Mission Control.  Teams must work together to track the weather on Mars, determine the best landing area, and make sure their mission is a success.

Learn about geology, astronomy, maps and measurement, or ecology.

Astronaut Training: Toys In Space  elementary|middle| high

Students discover how objects behave in zero-G.  After experiencing how toys work on Earth, students predict how they will behave in space and then observe astronauts using the same toys.

Learn about either nature of science or forces and motion.

Aeronautics: Forces and Motion middle | high

Students learn about flight and the four forces on an airplane by using a flight simulator, wind tunnel and model airplanes.

Learn about forces and motion or the nature of science.


Aeronautics: Weather  middle | high

Students explore how weather affects flight by using a wind tunnel, model airplanes, and a flight simulator. 

Learn about weather or the nature of science. 


Astronaut Adventures  elementary

Designed specifically for 2nd and 3rd graders, students learn about space and how astronauts live in our newest program.


Airplanes and the Atmosphere: Weather and Climate Curriculum

Do you want to learn more about weather and climate? Are you interested in lesson plans and supplies for your classes? The NYCCSSE and the American Museum of Natural History have teamed up to create an exciting new curriculum called Airplanes & the Atmosphere: Investigating Human Impact on Earth’s Climate. Click here for more information.