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Are you interested in bringing your class to NYCCSSE? Here’s how you do it.

At least three weeks before the mission:

  • Decide which Classroom Extension aligns best with what your class is learning. To find out more about the Classroom Extensions, click in the appropriate link:


    | Middle | High

  • Register for the Classroom Extension by downloading a registration form (see the links to the right), emailing [email protected], or calling 212-608-6164 x115.

For Challenger Center Missions only:

  • Schedule a pre-visit lesson and planning session. We make every effort to come to your school and conduct the lesson with your students.

Visits to the Space Center should be extensions of your classroom.  To this end, we have designed experiences that are aligned with the New York City scope and sequence and New York State standards.  In addition, we have developed pre- and post-visit activities to prepare students for the experience.  In order to learn how to seamlessly incorporate class visits to the Space Center with your curriculum and make our unique facility a true extension of your classroom, teachers participate in pre-visit planning with faculty from the Center. This planning session can occur at the Center or at your school.

The week before the mission:

  • Participate in a pre-visit planning session.
  • Review classroom activities and decide how you will implement them with your students.
  • For Challenger Missions only: complete the Crew Manifest and nametags based on the students job applications. (Please fill out the nametags with a thick dark marker, so the names are easy to see.)
  • Call NYCCSSE with approximate arrival time (212.608.6164)
  • For Challenger Missions only:
    • Bring a copy of the Crew Manifest
    • Give student nametags that have their team and job titles.
    • Make sure that students know what their job titles and responsibilites are.
  • Get excited for an exciting day learning about space science!