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Music is a significant and tremendously important tool based on the way people learn and deny its influence is a waste of really delightful resource. Music expresses numerous social problems such as drugs, hate crimes, war, environment, as well as teenage pregnancy. Focusing on the music and drugs, the two aspects have been depicting close relationship Over the recent years with respect to what is expressed in music concerning drugs consumption. Despite the fact that drugs have had general constructive effects to music field, they have enlightened, diversified, inspired and even destructed the minds of many musicians. This paper seeks to explore drugs as a social issue in music today. It will analyse various songs depicting drugs demonstrating their similarities and differences in the way they address the social problem.

Some of musicians compose songs to express their lifestyles as the case of Antony Kiedis song. In the ballad ‘under the bridge’ by red hot chili, the leading musician Antony sings about his lifestyle of consuming drugs especially heroin. Antony Kiedis who is among the Red-Hot Chili Peppers expresses his life of being heroin addict which led him to spend time alone (Peppers, 1992). This kind of desperate living made her start fighting against drugs consumption and hence evade the consequent addiction. In this case, drug is expressed as a social problem which affects Antony adversely to an extent of choosing to spend time alone.

Based on the depicted loneliness and addiction, Antony Kiedis fought for the drug consumption hence kicking their habit. He experience1d difficult time trying to seek associations with his former allies. The bridge downtown ultimately within the song denotes to a place where the singer used to go to get high. Basically, the crux of the composed kind of music is founded on the loneliness felt by the Antony Kiedis. The depicted under the bridge song commences as a poem whereby the leader is dealing with his anguish which turns into truly astonishing lyrics. This is a song which has touched numerous individuals based on the depicted content.

Numerous musicians have gone through difficult times based on their struggle with the drug dependence. That raw exposure necessitates then exposed their struggles, emotions and feelings with others (Sixx, 2011). There exists one rock icon that has captured the destruction based on drug dependence and reminds people that the world provides more as opposed to loneliness, as well as emptiness (Sixx, 2011). A song ‘life is beautiful’ by Sixx A.M is based on the Nikki Sixx’s who was a former drug dependant. The song is composed of the challenges Nikki Sixx went through, losses, as well as the appeal to ‘just open one’s eyes’ (Sixx, 2011). This was composed to imply an aspect of opening individual’s eyes to get enlighten about the significant things provided by the life and the beautifulness of the life.

Trying to compare the Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers song and Life is Beautiful by Sixx AM, both of these songs expresses how drug as a social issue leads to addiction. For individuals who soak the communicated message, these songs are among the top drug dependence recovering lyrics which can make listeners change their lives. based on the two songs, drugs consumption is recognized to lead adverse side effects hence need to fight against them.

Everyone’s at it by Lily Allen explains more about drugs as a social disaster. This is a song about drug abuse in the United States of America. In both inflexible and entertaining, Allen suggests that everyone is being involved in killer drugs. The singer says that drug abuse has been a bit which proceeds from older politicians to young adolescents. In the year two thousand and eight, she explained that there is a lot of hypocrisy which has been attached to the drug culture. Basically, drugs are bad and they kill people each and every day (Chi, 2016). Some even become prostitutes and others become rapists because of taking drugs. Within the introduction of the song, she states that a lot of people take drugs three times a day, and go to work. Lily Allen says that she is always anxious around individuals who are taking drugs because it vividly reminds her about her younger age. The song consists the lyrics, “I am not trying to communicate that I’m smelling of roses/ But when will we tire of putting s—t up our noses?”

Rehab by Amy Winehouse has been used to show how drugs are abused. Amy Winehouse appears to have been associated her with drug abuse. She is a British songstress who possesses a lot of troubles by being involved into art. Many people had instructed her to go to rehab, but she refused. A very sad story about her is that she was found dead on a Saturday in her own home area. The reason is that she had overdosed drugs. Similarly, about three to four million people living in the United States of America are suffering from manic depressive infections.  The real rate at which people are using various drugs is said to have been three times that of the whole population, most people abusing alcohol. Heroin, alcohol, and cocaine are mostly consumed to self-medicate. However, the effects are worse. About one out of five individuals who are being associated with manic effects always commit suicide at the end (Robbins, 2016).

Rehab by Amy Winehouse and Everyone’s at it by Lily Allen possess similarities and differences. They both pass information about drugs killing those who are addicted. Both song writers are being involved in drug abuse. However, Amy Winehouse dies due to the act of overdosing drug, one of the obvious effects of drug abuse, which is one difference compared to Lily Allen’s song. Lily stops abusing drugs at some point, whereby she remembers her old life later.

Gin and Juice by Snoop Dog is a drug song. A lot of people only used in while making martins, both stirred and shaken, Gin and Juice off Snoop’s introduction. His unique styles constituted to the British liquor resemble that of America.  Due to Snoop’s habit of rolling up to a party in the LBC associating himself with bubonic chronic in one of his and some juice, on the other hand, things changed drastically. Snoop Dog turned alcohol and other drugs into a squinty-eyed balm. Furthermore, after the duration of about few decades, his style was termed as the standard style for drinking songs.  When compared to the above songs, Gin and Juice is a bit different. It has been used to show an introduction of a habit over a period of time, which is different from the rest.  In assumption, drug abuse is a serious social problem which should be controlled as soon as possible. Its side effects are worse and can lead to an immediate death.