LG’s 2021 TVs include a ‘Game Optimizer’ and native Google Stadia and GeForce Now apps – Live Updates

The 2020 gaming boom has clearly had an impact on television manufacturers. LG unveiled its 2021 lineup of smart TVs with gamer-centric features, including settings, and native game streaming.
At CES 2021, LG unveiled its newest TVs featuring the latest technologies. One feature coming to sets is what LG calls “Game Optimizer.” The menu option allows users to tweak settings to their preference or even on a per-game-basis. It comes standard, starting with units scheduled to launch in the first half of 2021.

Game Optimizer has settings to reduce blue light, prevent input lag, turn on variable refresh rate (VRR), and activate FreeSync. LG TVs have been G-Sync compatible by default since 2019.

LG has also leveraged its AI processor to adjust the picture and sound automatically. The sets can detect specific genres, including first-person shooters, RPGs, and real-time strategy games, and tweak the image and audio to enhance the game-playing experience.

Cloud gaming showed no indication of slowing down during 2020, with even more companies looking to get in on the action. Seeing this trend, LG will begin featuring Google Stadia and GeForce Now natively starting in the second half of 2021.

Stadia will land first, with subscribers being able to log in to their accounts and start playing without the need for a Chromecast Ultra. LG will add the GeForce Now app a bit later in 2021, but LG did not have specifics.

The pandemic, cloud-gaming bandwagon, and next-gen consoles drove a gaming boom throughout 2020. With no signs of slowing down, perhaps it is no surprise that OEMs are gearing some of their products to emphasize the growing gaming element.